Expectation Hurts

This word “expectation” made an strong impact in my journey since childhood. I remember when I was still a student, I always make myself believed that I should be the one to get the highest score in every examinations. Overconfident..am I?
“wink”. I felt very dismayed and disappointed whenever I couldn’t get that expectation. Well, how i wished I should have studied more that time…hmm, sort of student blues.

The reality is, we cannot always get whatever we wanted, no matter how much time,effort, talent and love we put in it. Somehow, yes it may seem true but it doesn’t mean we just stop there.  Probably, it was not just meant for us or there is more better handful offer lying ahead.

My principle is that in helping others means not expecting anything in return. Definitely, I don’t. But behind my mind was telling and whispering  that I wished this person I helped with may grow, improve and help his/her own.  It maybe disappointing somehow not to see doing their part, at least I ‘ve done my part. After all, we live int his world with a purpose.

Reality speaks. In love and friendship, expectation maybe a root of a heartaches.
Several times I’ve fallen because I expected more from them and would be willing to do that much for them. I am not a hard person. But being a passive one I think brought me to be a person “taken for granted”. I don’t blame them because seemingly I allowed myself to be part of it. Crazy it may sound but it made me realize to love myself more. The pain made me realized that no one can truly love you until you love yourself. So the journey must continue. Forgive, forget and forbear.

Nobody hurts you..only expectation.

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