Beyond Doubt

Presenting yourself to new people is not easy, we know it. There’s a temptation to just wave your hand to everyone and sit quietly in dark corner somewhere.

Two days ago, I grabbed the chance to officially join the local running club, the Doha Bay Running Club (DBRC) here in Qatar. You can visit their site at From the time I fell in love with this sports, (running) behind my mind was telling me to have this goal of joining marathon one day. And when will that day be? I don’t know. ¬†Maybe in the right time and I will make it sure to post here one day once I’ve done it “wink”. I know it will take me a lot of trainings and preparations. I’ve been following this group for quite sometime now but did not had the chance to join them in actual runs. It was only two days ago when I took the courage to join and to appear physically. At first, I was so shy and hesitant because I really don’t know when to start introducing myself. Will it be that formal? Who am I? Are they gonna ask me of so many things? I was so nervous. Such inferiority attacked!

The agreed time for the start was 4:30am, in front of the coffee shop. I arrived there about 5:00am. Terrible! I was bit late! Everybody was already out! Grav! I was disappointed to myself and almost felt hopeless to join the group. Fortunately, there was one guy sitting at the corner who happened to arrived earlier than the group. So I took the courage to ask if he was one of the member, and indeed he was! So, I made casual talked with him while waiting for the others to arrive. Finally here they came. There was one lady who waved on me, a gesture of invitation like telling me to join them, so I did! We continued running for about 5km more and normal conversation began until we’ve finished the loop. The group had a simple meeting and coffee afterwards. It was successful day for me. None of those worries, doubts and hesitations in my mind happened. Everything turned out great! Truly, doubt can only be removed by action.

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