Dealing with Patience


How do I react with sensitive people.


Today I just had a conflict with my co-worker and I felt sorry about it really.
Now I am trying to assess myself if am I the one sensitive or the other side?

After work last night I took shower and went directly to my room for rest and slept because there were new transfer roomates moving in our flat. As I woke up this morning, I noticed that the router of our internet in the living room turned black. I wondered why it’s black now while before it was color white. I don’t know what suddenly comes to my mind. I tried to recall what was really its color. So, this morning I asked my colleague if they replaced our router with the new one. That question was nothing for me, I was just really asking. She answered no. They did not move anything there. So ok fine. It’s a nonsense question and that was nothing to me. I thought everything was ok. Then suddenly the other one new roomate came to me in a high voice asking me why am I questioning them? And she went back to her seat crying in anger and mumbling..this is too much!. Those were her exact words.Oh my God! What’s wrong?? What did I do? what did I say? So I went to her seat and tried to explain my side that I was just asking and for me it was not a big deal really. But the tune of her voice and questioning me as if I was accusing them got into my nerves. For many times in a calm voice I said it was nothing..but she continued blaah..blaah…blaah. So I just went back to my seat and assessed myself, was it my fault?

Everyday we deal with different people, with different backgrounds, with different characters. I have read so many articles, suggestions and ideas on how to deal with irate, sensitive and difficult people. I admit, it’s easy to read, understand and imagine scenarios. But the real challenge is when you are already in the situation. How would I have handled it? After the heated arguments, I can’t even recall what were the words that came out of my mouth during those times. I think both of us just hurt our egos. That’s it!

In the process, I will humble myself enough to say sorry whether it was my fault or not. This life had so much for me that I have no time dealing with sensitive people and nonsense things.

Just a self-reminder.

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