This morning, I got the chance to donate my clothes that were still really good quality I think i only wear those when I was in my 57 kilos,”wink”. It’s a heavenly feeling when you do or give something to someone you don’t even know personally. Actually, this is my third time to do this. The first time was two weeks ago. While I was having my regular jogging, I’ve seen this bin for clothes donation located in about front of Al Arrabi Sports Stadium

I thought why don’t just donate my old clothes that I no longer use instead of letting them pile up in my cabinet or just throwing them in the garbage. This is also a chance for me to reach out to those who are in need of clothing. I may not be that wealthy to donate cash, because to be honest, I am just one also of those trying to make ends meet, but I think with this simple way, someone else can be happy.

There are millions of people around the world that wish they could get the clothes that we throw in the garbage.

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