The Power of Giving

A very familiar saying that goes..the more you give, the more you shall receive.!

While taking a shower today, worrying and counting the days how to survive before salary comes,  a typical employee like me who tried to make ends meet, a sudden memory popped out in my mind…the power of giving.


Once, I met a friend who has no work, no place to stay, and a total stranger for me and in this country. Upon looking at him, I knew what he needed. The very basic need. The food.

I packed a sandwich and gave it to him. I wished that there will be more generous people who could help him more than I did as I watched him go.
The following day, our road crossed again and by that time it was me who has nothing to offer but a QR5.00 that was a USD1.37!Gosh!
What can we buy with this amount?
We both laughed and without a second thought, we went to a nearby restaurant and  tried to buy at least a piece of bread and water. We’ve waited for a couple of minutes and the crew handed us a plastic of food! It was more than what we’ve ordered! I told the crew he might got it wronged.

He just smiled and handed us the whole roasted chicken, a soup and salad! To our surprised, he was the supervisor in charge of the store! Wow! Hamdullah! Thanks to the generosity of this man. May he be blessed more! I really don’t know were to grasp the words “thank you”  to expressed how really  thankful we are from the bottom of our hearts.

While we were enjoying the free food, my friend confessed that he gave the half of the sandwich I gave him the other day to the street sweeper he saw.
Oh my God! I stopped from eating and a goosebumps reigned my whole body. God really never sleeps. He really works in mysterious ways.

So as today, I should worry nothing. Instead, believe in the power of faith and prayer because miracles do happen!


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