Dear Son

How have you been? It’s been three years since I left you. I know you are a big boy now but for me, you are still my baby who used to look for me everytime I was out of your sight. My tongue was muted and my heart was pinched when I phoned you one time and asked me “who are you?”. Your uncle even told me that you are now curious how I look liked?  I am sure, your memories of me when you were just five years old were very limited and uncleared. You are now 8 years old. Can we blame it to the absence of  internet access  in your place? I can neither see how tall nor how handsome  you are now. Anyway, despite of technology barrier, we are still so blessed that Mama and Papa Ulang (grandparents) are there for you on my behalf. I want you to believe and obey them as I and your uncles did when were just kid like you. I heard you will be bagging academic awards again for this school year! I am so proud of you! You may not understand me at this moment but I believe and hope that you can in the future.  The words “I love you” may not suffice the times I am away from you but I want you to know that I am always here for you.

I want to give you some advice that I hope will be very useful  in your life’s journey. I am not demanding you to follow this or that because I know, you will discover it one day on your own.

1. Bring out the best in you.
When you were just in my womb, I prayed to God to take care of you, to make you His good follower. Be it whatever His plans for you. I heard you were excelling academically. I am so proud of you son! I am happy that you are making every single moment of your life worthwhile. Start to dream big! Don’t allow yourself be trapped in a four cornered wall full of what if’s and but’s. Your mama was once drowned by timidity that deprived her to do some things she dreamed off. You know very well the life that we have in the province, lack of financial support and contented with the life of at least eating three times a day. Now, don’t worry anymore because I am is here. I will support you to the best I can whenever you needed me, financially and morally. Be the best version of yourself.

2. Don’t be a prisoner of your fear
I have been a prisoner of many fears in life. Fear of heights, fear to be ignored, fear of embarrassment and the fear to fail. It took decades of realizations and bitter-sweet experiences before I overcome it. Did you know that you have the blood of both being uragon (me) and waray (your Papa) (from suburb race with valor and brave blooded personality). Each of us has our own fears but be bold enough to face it because believe me fear is only in the mind.

3. It’s ok to rest when tired.
We deal everyday with so much stresses, challenges and trials. It is ok to just sometimes sit down whole day and think nothing but relax when your body and soul needed it. I know, there will be storms along the road that will make you think like giving up. When your father and I broke up, I thought it was the end of the world. I didn’t want to even move my feet forward. I refused hearing updates about him. I resented too much. When you feel despair, let it out.

4. Don’t care what people say
There will always be nosy people around wherever you go. Don’t be intimidated by their nosiness. Be very careful because this may lure you to be one of them. They may either boost your fighting spirit or drag your morale down. They may hurt your ego many times but you have to challenge yourself. In the end, you will thank them for making you more stronger. What you think of yourself is much more important than what other think of you.

5. Be ready which road to travel
Enjoy first your childhood. Play under the rain, swim in the river, go climb trees, stamp your feet on the mud, go biking and explore your hobbies. There is no promise that life is easy. Hence,nobody will take the journey for you. Life is an adventure. You never know where it will lead you. How we make our life is a choice. We are free to choose. But nobody is free from the consequences of whatever choice we made. So when you do cutting classes, be ready for it’s consequences 🙂

8. Be grateful
Appreciate even the smallest thing that happens to you. When Mama,Papa Ulang give you household chores like washing of dishes, feeding our pet dogs, going to store, looking for firewoods, and even pulling their itchy white hairs from their heads, be grateful because they are just teaching and training you about responsibility, hard work and confidence. When teacher gives you task or homework to do, be thankful because she is molding your logical thinking and time management skills. Have a heart of gratitude because it attracts more blessings and goodness.

9. Love and trust yourself
I don’t mean not to love and trust others. In this world, life is being moved by connections, networks, friends, relatives and family. There will be times when you will be broke but don’t ever hold grudges in your heart.

10. Watch your attitude
I heard you had a fight with your playmate that ended to spanking.
Life has so much dramas, provocations,frustrations, successes. The question is how will you handle it? If you know it was your fault, be humble enough to admit and say sorry. Assess yourself, forgive yourself, stay calm and fight your own rage. There’s no other enemy who can defeat us but our very own self. Please don’t be a cause of any trouble. When Mama and Papa Ulang scolded you for some reasons, assess your self, say sorry and try not to do the same mistake again.

11. Save
I heard that you are saving your little amount of money so you can buy computer or iPhone for games. That’s very good. Although, I can easily buy you those stuffs if you wish to. But I want you to realize the value of a hard-earned money. Discipline yourself in spending. Not everything in this world are given free. You have to sweat and work hard first before you can harvest.

12. Have faith
Never loose your faith in God. For He is the only one who will never leave you when you feel neglected, discouraged, desserted and abandoned. It is very important to make your connection with Him strong and intact because it will always He who will stay with you when everybody in this world disappear.


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