8 Ways To Nurture Relationship With Our Partner

Hmm, it’s a heart month as folks say.
Each of us has our own definition of what love is depending on how we experienced it.
I am not a love guru, but I want to share to you some ways to nurture the love that we have for our partner based on my experience. It may not be applicable to others, but for some maybe.


Feeling the same way both of you felt during your first meeting, butterflies in stomach, pounding of hearts, and even sweating of hands may sound absurd, but those “tweetum moments” should always reignite everytime you see each other. A simple questions how are you? how was your day? would break the ice. In that way, there will always be something new or interesting in your conversation. Have fun with your partner.

The big challenge happens specially in times of arguments. Learn to listen. As much as possible, never end the day with a heavy heart. My partner and I agreed that if in case we were both angry, not in mood or whatsoever, one should keep the mouth shut and discuss what was the matter once the tension subsided, say the word sorry regardless of who really wronged. A simple hug after heated arguments will bring more intimacy in you, will develop not only verbal but emotional communication as well.

They say that a true friend say even the bad things to your face and never get tired of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again. During my physical exercise work out, having my partner as my lover and coach, we could unhesitantly say “wait, I’m going to fart!” or “did you brush your teeth?..your breath smells eeerr..!you’re getting fat!”,or did you shower today? I can smell something..hmm”…! Building and maintaining friendship is very vital. In the end, it will be the two of you who will remind each other that there’s always someone in front, behind and beside you..that you can lean on…that you are not alone.


By simply sending him emoticons of hugs and kisses, smileys, simple words like good day, take care! I like your get up today! Ooh! you look like Cristiano Ronaldo! I love your new haircut! Thank you for walking with me home, for cooking food for me, for fetching me from work.! Those are simple gestures and compliments yet will surely make them feel loved and appreciated.


My partner and I came from a different world, a different country, diversified backgrounds from family, friends believes, even religion. How do we settle? Our relationship is like a blank piece of paper. We write our life’s stories by putting our commitment and love into it. We make plans and both trust in God’s guidance. We just take our time and enjoy each other’s companion. Don’t rush things. We might miss every single moment you were with each other.

Be proud of each others achievement and be open minded. We are still individuals who has our own likes and aspirations. Be his or her number one fan in the world.

We have our own stories before we met. I thought no man would ever accept and love me anymore me because of my past misfortunes. I already settled my mind to be a single mother forever. But God is good. He sent someone I never expected to be the one who could understand and so am I to him. Just be open and accept what was already given.We cannot undo the past. Everday is a new chapter for both of you.

Partnership means trust. Never ever doubt your partner. In some circumstances that we cannot avoid it, don’t be afraid to ask and discuss what bothered you. I was once devoured by my own timidity. A lesson that I had learned and overcome. Remember the law of attraction? What we think what we get. So focus on positiveness rather than doubt. Because doubting our partner means doubting our selfworth.

Happy Valentines Day to all!
May we be Blessed with love, and be loved.

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  1. Lalim ng hugot mo. But I think you improve yourself in the subject of loving and being loved. Keep it it up I wish you all good things in life.


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