Living Grudge-Free

A Blessed New Year!

This is my first post for this year. I hope and pray for another new me. It is not about changing of who and what I am. It maybe about changing my perceptions about life, about it’s beauty and about it’s purpose.


Just as I tried to distant myself from so much noise of facebook, I saw an invitation from a person of my past. I tried to assess myself if should I reconnect or not? Now, as I tried to read some of my posts here 2-3 years ago, I’ve realized that my life was filled with so much complains, sorrows, pains and grudges. It was terribly in turmoil.

Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to forgive. The hurt runs deep. You replay the offense over and over in your mind. You know you need to forgive but you just can’t. Forgiveness is really a process. Yeah, it takes time…until you healed, until you forget.

Going back to this friend, he is still the father of my son, a part of my past, and a lesson learned for keeps. We may have done wrong to each other but we still have our own lives now to continue. When I finally decided to click the “accept” as friend, there was this feeling of salvation, relief and joy in my heart. I felt a total freedom from anger, from worries, from grudges. There’s no more pain, no more regrets!

Moving on, there are plenty of reasons to move and look forward to. We only travel in this world once, so I’ll make sure to utilize it according to God’s plan…inshallah!




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