Happiness Within

People aren’t meant to be all alone in this world.
No matter how introvert a person is, no matter how hard as rock a heart of a person
is and no matter how we try to put ourselves in a box, there will always be somebody
who will shake your world.

After almost 15min-4 kilometer jog last night, coach and I rested for a while, did some muscle stretching and abs workout for 30 mins. There was my favorite part where we lied down on the grass and done nothing but savor the smell of earth. At that moment, I felt free, blessed and love. I lied on my stomach, opened my arms wide, touched the cool green grasses around and relaxed for a moment. As I turned my head to the left, I saw coach-buddy doing the same. This man..my present man..


It is frightening being in love.

And that they say…love is blind.

Ironically, many people are blind for love.
Will it make sense if we say that being blind is ok as long as you feel the love? You feel happy inside? You feel complete inside?
This what makes everybody’s existence in this world more significant.
We cannot bring to death any material things that the world offers except the love we have  in our hearts.How we used it and how we’ve shared it?


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