Be Free!

It’s month of October!
Which means winter season is fast approaching!
I felt sorry for those who have bone problems.
I mean those with bone sensitivities to cold environment.

On this month also, I loose one tooth…which was very sensitive to cold drinks also :):)
Yes,you’ve read it right.
It was finally extracted this morning.

For several months, I suffered and chained from on and off pain,
but now I affirm that I’m totally free!
I finally decided to let it go…my right first molar tooth.
It was no longer functional or restorable as per dentist’s assessment.
And felt sorry for myself that I was too late to go for consultation.
To be honest, I was just really afraid to see needles for injection and big forceps.
I think, that answers the question to every job interview ” what is your greatest weakness”.whew!
But today, I felt like I am superwoman!

As I lied down, closed my eyes and opened my mouth for the procedure, a sudden realization came to my mind.
From now on, I free myself from pain.
This toothache that I thought was relieved by drinking painkiller medicines which was true though, gave me false hope.
I thought,it will just be gone one day.
I thought, the pain was just normal.
Until my body get used to it.
Until unknowingly, every part of it was already damaged….totally damaged.

I have struggled from so much pain, guilts, regrets, resentments, sadness and other emotions that kept me in the past as I tried to step forward.
But with God’s providence, He let me went through it.
I believe there is always one day, He will totally extract those pains inside and let me savor the freedom.
Freedom from feeling like a victim, freedom from regrets, freedom from holding grudges, freedom from anger…

It is always never too late…
Be Free!

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