My thoughts, my reality

Do you believe that whatever our thought projects it happens?

Well then, I personally believe on this.

There were instances in my life when something happened on me and I just realized that I’ve thought of this before!
I am one of those believers in the power of the universe.

D- ream

I think, no person in this world has ever forgotten to dream at least once in their lives. Every dream we make has something to do with what we want in the future.
That’s why it is very crucial to project whatever we put in our minds.
I remember once,I was just so naive of how a hotel looks like? I thought the people going inside were only for the rich ones.
Every time I passed by that particular 5-star hotel in the city. I told myself that one day, I’ll be stepping my feet in that hotel. When and how? I don’t know.
After a while, an unexpected event organized by the company I worked with was held in that hotel and I was one of the participants.
In an instant, I remember that I’ve wished for this 3 years ago!


How do we feel when we think of something and pretended that as if our wish was granted right away? Excited? Happy? Flattered?
Then be it. Close your eyes and feel it. Say it.
It was my dream to try to at least have the experience of working abroad. When and how? I don’t know.
Then one day, here came a friend who brought me to this place in an unexpected circumstance. Now here I am, already a 2 year expat.


Just fresh from the oven.
After so much struggles of moving on from heartbreak which was almost 1 year had passed, I’ve diverted my attention to fitness by having a 30min to 1 hour jog in the baywalk at least 5 times a day. Everytime I see couples jogging around together, holding each other’s hands, laughing together, supporting each other’s fitness work-outs, I just bowed down my head and felt despair.
I got tired of seeing the same scenarios everyday.
Thanks to that desperation. It thought me how to get up.
Instead of self-pitying,I refreshed my mind and pulled myself back together.
I imagined and told myself that one day, I will have my partner too.
That one day, someone will hold my hand too, that we will lie down in that green grasses together in a silent night while staring at the stars and hearing only the pounding of our hearts. Voila!


There is a saying, “every dream happens because there is a dreamer”.
Combined with faith and openness to possibilities, I know those experiences were just part of my life’s page. We wake up everyday like a new blank page that we need to write something on it for us to create a book full of stories inside.
Keep on trying to achieve it. Just keep going. Don’t just sit down. The dream we asked from the universe will never be in our hands without our cooperation.

M-ake more dreams

Our imagination is limitless. This is a free world.
We may be trap at times in some circumstances that we thought it was the end.
There were times in my life that I thought I cannot do more.
That I thought, I was helpless and that I was hopeless.
But as I wake up each day, I realized that there is always future waiting ahead.
Everyday is a chance to get up,catch those dreams and make it real!

God bless us all! May our dreams come true.

By God’s grace and the power of my dream, I can start my Masteral schooling next year.(wink)

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