The Shoes

I bought this shoes last year around month of May.
It’s original price was 95QR that dropped to 35QR for the store’s 3day sale as part of Ramadan promotion here in Qatar. This is a season where customers take the opportunity of buying discounted goods.
And guess what? I found this in the kids section about 5.5ft size…
Yes, that is the actually size of my feet.
You know the advantage of having medium size foot?
Tsk! It’s really economical.


It’s not only that you were my shoes…
…it’s about your value.
You’ve become part of my ups and downs figuratively and literally
Thank you for taking care of my feet
You showed me direction when I was confused which way to go..
You gave me strenght in times of rise and fall..
You motivated me to take the goal of running from 3k to 10km
You were my shield from rocks, water and sandstorms.
You’ve been my best friend for a year.
A year where we created memories.
But now, it’s about time to let you go.
Although there’s a new one to replace you.
I am glad to say I was so blessed I had you.
You’ve always been part of me..
Been always part of my journey..

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