Sometimes, I pretended to just close my eyes not to see heartbreaking news being aired, cover my ears not to hear the noise of the world and harden my heart not to be affected by so much social issues. But no, I am part of the universe.

My patriotism was awakened this morning by the CNN interview to our president #Rodrigo Duterte regarding issues on what the Philippine country is facing today, one of which is the War on Drugs.

I  was once a victim of domestic violence because of drug related case. I fought and I stood. I reported it to the authorities but justice is blind and deaf. I know, victims like me can understand and can relate to this issue. How many more victims out there are brave enough to tell their stories if they knew that nothing is going to change the situation? If they knew that it will endanger their life? If they knew that people involved are their family members, friends or colleagues?


It is good now that we have the public servant who has the guts to face this pandemic crisis of drugs that is happening in our country.

I am not an expert on analyzing political and social issues. But as an individual, I can’t help it to ask why do some people don’t value life? There is no difference between the ongoing War on Drugs in the Philippines and the ongoing war that is happening in some countries. They both affect lives. They both break families. They both destroy futures.

May God Bless the world with peace, love and wisdom.

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