Keep going..

Life can be tiring yet inspiring.

It is reality that when we were in a smooth sailing, and when all of a sudden a strong wind blows the tendency for us is to panic. We tend to loose control on the boat. A friend who was once a successful football player, an image of a tough man physically, mentally, spiritually and financially got stranded in the middle of the smoothness of his journey. Just like a flash of lightning, all those pillars of his strength were all down.

Sometimes,it is so hard to understand the twist of life. But the everyday struggles and successes give us a lesson to learn.
We felt tired, drained, and exhausted..
No matter how hard we tried to analyze the situation, the solution seems unclear.


But life must continue to sail.
It should never stop in the middle of nowhere.
Pull the rope and continue the journey. Recharge and reroute.
It may not be the exact road you were taking but there’s always a way heading to your direction. Don’t give up!
The every morning wake up means hope.
The every breath we take means there’s alyways solution.
And every step we walk means keep going
We just have to trust and believe in our capacities.
Above all, have faith in the One who provided everything in this world.

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