Kiss of Comfort

Today, I saw you again like a beggar..sorry for the term.
Last night must be so horrible experienced to you.
You were rushed to the hospital for you had fever, you said all your part of your body were shaking, and your stomach was in pain too much.
You were injected for medicine, Amikacin an antibiotic and your friend doctor took charged of all the expenses incurred.
Today, you came to me with a heavy heart.
I saw you. I wanted to cry for pity.
I gave you a simple kiss and a strong hug for at least comfort you and hope I did.
I gave you food, banana, grapes and pancit and the 92 QR to pay for the Doctor who helped you last night.

quotes-that-give-you-hope-quotes-about-hope14You hug me back and said thank you.
I saw in your eyes the many words you wanted to say but uttered not even one.
Instead, you showed me you were strong as what you were always telling me.
As I watched you walked away, there was pain inside me.
How I wished I am always at your side to take care of you..
How I wished I am rich enough to help people like you.

May God have mercy on us.

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