When Love Means Pain

As of writing this,we Christians remembers the
passion and suffering of Christ.
A very significant event which symbolizes God’s love to His people.
He was crucified, betrayed and mocked by His dear ones…

By His trusted ones.

It must be so painful to Him as human!
It is because of love that He was able to endure the pain.

But one thing is for sure…He forgives.

My faith on love has been tested by circumstances,times and places.

A Love
…may be painful, because we felt so hopeless when broke
…may be painful, because it sometimes changed you.
…may be painful because you took risks.
…may be painful because it drowns your ego when dreams and expectations were shattered.

A friend once complained of so many pains he was having, headache, tootache and backache.
As I encourage him to continue fighting life’s struggle, I figuratively told him that those are just physical pains curable by medicines.
Unlike mine, it was an inside pain that no medicine can ever heal…the pain caused by love.


It is because of the pain of love that millions live a loveless life and that creates grudges, hatred and revenge.

But I believed that it is also the love that can restore its torn part.

LOVE is worth it.

It is because of love that we hope.
It is because of love that we dream.
It is because of love that we smile.
It is because of love that we keep going.
It is because of love that we keep on trying.
It is because of love that we feel our value.
It is because of love that we were save.

Love is the central core of our lives.
So keep on loving.
Be open.
Be brave.
Be ready to get hurt and value every learnings it teaches us.

7 thoughts on “When Love Means Pain

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  1. Very well said…
    Love is worth the pain and the tears and the hurt and the heartbreak and the fight…
    For when you find the one you wanna share the rest of ur life with…. The pain changes to pleasure…!!


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