A Send off


Bon Voyage Mon Ami!

I, together with some other dormates sent off one of our friends to Doha airport this morning.
She will be going home to our country for good.
Separation anxiety now is a new challenge to deal with.
That was the second time I stepped on that airport.
The first time was during my arrival last year.
People come and go.
Everyone that has been part of our lives has been there for a reason to teach us, to love us and to experience life with us.
I will surely miss this friend who has been my angel,
who allowed herself to be God’s instrument for me to get up and fix my complicated life.

2 thoughts on “A Send off

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  1. yes! people come and go… coz we’re living only in a temporary world..and in every life encounter we had with others.. the lesson we learned is that we can be closed with them but control ourself to be attached…


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