The New Found Love


Bonjour! Salut comment cava?

It’s been sometime since my last post.
When month of November came in, I have met this guy unexpectedly.
I was having my regular jogging activity along Corniche bay when he suddenly came into my life.
I don’t know what to say but I felt that there’s a something in us that I think will lit a deeper relationship more than friendship.

I don’t want to jump into conclusion that maybe, am I falling again?
Maybe yes..maybe no..
For the sake of having good vibes everyday, I take it as yes. Anyway it brings back some happy hormones that was lost in me for quite sometime.

As I celebrated my 30th birthday 2 days ago, it was really a surprise for me to have the opportunity to be with him in a quite solemn 10km walk along the bay. It brought me hope that somewhere in my life’s journey there is this special someone who would bring back the smile in my heart, to trust and love again in a romantic way. It was so magical for me that our hearts understood what we were trying to say even we have different languages..he speaks French and I am a Filipino. Thanks to the universal English language that brought us to so much laughters. Those scenes kept playing in my mind for couple of days now that made me smile in a moment it flashes back.

Friends from office and housemates surprised me too with their cakes, balloons, hugs and kisses. I felt the whole universe celebrated with me!

God really has His own way of presenting something special to us.
I don’t need much materials things, but the love from the people around made me the most happiest and richest woman in the world!
No words can express how thankful I am for all the blessings of love I’m having now.
May this love be spread to the universe and be poured down to earth so that every human being may feel the beauty of this magnificent, crazy yet magical world!

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  1. akalain mo yun nalingat lang ako… nagkalovelife ka na… aheheh! siguro takbo na lang din ako lagi sa corniche dito… hehhe… congrats.. enjoy the moment… na inlove ako bigla sa blog mo.. actually… gusto ko din magblog kaya ako napa-wordpress… eheheh ito pala bubungad sa akin… weeeeh! fantastic baby…


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