What’s Holding You Back?

Self Pity?
Memories of pain? of joy?

Hey! it’s Saturday and the first day of 6 working days here in middle east.
Just arrived from a 2 hour jogging along Corniche Doha.
That’s my way of destressing after 10 long hours office work.
As I went along, I felt the cool breeze from the bay, a sign that winter season is fast approaching. There were only few joggers around since it was a regular day unlike Friday where almost everybody was having good time in that place.
I stopped for a while, took a deep breath and did some stretching.
While savoring the gentle touched of waves along breakwater,
I was mesmerized by the beauty of sky accessorized by tiny stars,
stunned by the soft caressed of the cold wind
and fantasized about having someone with me on that solemn moment.


Now, what’s holding me back?

For several days now I was disturb by the shadow of my past.
Moving on really doesn’t happened in just a blink of an eye.
I guess, I still need more time to forgive and forget everything.
My heart felt broke everytime I see a complete family figure, with the father, mother and children.
That was really my ultimate dream.
But those dream was robbed by inevitable circumstances.
I tried to find myself in another world, separated from my unico hijo.
I should have witnessed his first step to school.
I should have guided him on every assignment he had and accompanied him in school activities.
We should have been playing together.
I should have been there when he recieved his first medal during his pre-school graduation.
I should be there by his side when he was sick.
Whew! Hand me my hanky please…:)

Anyway, I am thankful and grateful that my parents are there on my behalf.
The more I should realign my path for my unico hijo’s best future.
I believe, everything will be fine.
I trust in Him.

One thought on “What’s Holding You Back?

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  1. Ohhh! naiyak nman ako… di ako nakarelate sa pagkakaroon ng unico hijo.. kundi dun sa pain of the past…as continue reading… ayun … nairelate tuloy kita kay Cherry Pie Pichacho.. ahehhe.. pang pang On the wings of Love lang ang peg… yung eksena kasi kagabi nag uusap si Jigs at cherry pie.. ginawa nya lahat para kay jigs tapos yung isa walang hinangad kundi sundan si Lea. nyahhah! napakwento lng. may konek ba?? ‘neway… Nice outlet jogging at corniche. parang ako lang din yan… minsan masarap din tumatakbo na tumutulo ang luha mo kasabay ng pawis mo sa noo..


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