Follow where your heart is

What to do?
Whom to follow?
Where to go?
How will I?

Those were the indefinite “WH’s” questions every time we caught ourselves unguarded in the middle of decision making. It is evidently explained in anatomy that location of brain is higher than the heart. Though needless to say that it is true and that they should go hand in hand, we still have the power to look at every possible consequences in whatever choices we will make.

It is another month.Yes! another days to look forward to.!
My last year’s October was full of questions, hesitations and aspirations.
But upon reviewing, I realized now that I made the right decision. Those questions above kept on playing in my mind a year ago with so much fear in my heart.

Following your heart doesn’t only literally means following where your love is. I don’t mean following wherever your boyfriend is. Of course you still have your individual lives to fulfill and enjoy.

For me, it means following whatever you find yourself happy and contented with no but’s and if’s. Can I say, when it comes to love, love is just a word “love”…it can never be explained but you know in yourself how it will define you once you have it. Follow your passion.

3 thoughts on “Follow where your heart is

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    1. thanks melissa. are right, we are on the same page of thoughts when it comes to following the heart:) And there are always lessons learned in every decisions we made. have a nice day!

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