sometimes, i just want the world to stop
(it will never happened because the world will never stop for you)
sometimes, i just want to disappear
(it is impossible to do because we are tangible assets in this world)
sometimes, I feel frustrated
(don’t expect too much, just be your best self)
sometimes, I just want to be nobody to anybody
(no man is an island..remember that…be an angel to others)
sometimes, I feel alone
(don’t worry God never leaves you)
sometimes, I just want to scream
(you will just loose your voice for nothing)
sometimes, I want to go to wherever my feet would bring me.
(you should bring compass so that you’ll have direction)
sometimes, I dreamed of becoming like this and like that
(do the one-step-at-a-time habit, every plan will fall at the right place….at the right time)
sometimes, I wanna give up
(who cares if you do?? will be your loss)
sometimes, I loose hope
(there’s always tomorrow, be grateful for waking up each morning)
sometimes, I can’t understand myself
(stop for a moment, do the breathing exercise, your tiny brain might need extra oxygen to understand who you are)
sometimes, I don’t know myself anymore
(look at the mirror and stare at the beauty of the window of your soul….your eyes)
sometimes,I just want my body at rest
(take sometime to rest, but don’t stand by on it…life must go on)
sometimes, I just want to be numb
(no! you cannot…because your body is compose of millions of living cells)
sometimes, I am thinking too much
( sorry…no one thinks about you that much, because they have their own business:P)
sometimes, I think I need a psychiatrist
( I will refer you to the most outstanding psychiatrist in universe….GOD)

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