FOCUS is a word that we can always entail to everything we do leading to a successful end-result.
In photography, if your goal is to achieve your desired output then do the focus.
In solving mathematical problems to an ordinary student, do the focus.
In driving, for you not to get accident, focus on driving.
To achieve your goal of having 50 kilos or less than that before you reach age of 30,
then focus on your daily diet diet and work out.
And many more that requires focus.

Too many distractions around, friends, family, money, time, even your physical body.

Just like now, as I was doing the draft of this writing, my doormate talked to me and I mistakenly clicked my arrow on the “publish” button instead of the “draft” one. So to my readers, you have might have received already a very raw sentences which I wrote regarding my topic FOCUS. Kindly disregard that one. Ohh I’m sorry.

Lessons learned really.
Stay focus on what you are doing..else.. if you don’t… everything will be ruined.

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