More than just a dream

I got the chance to chat with my new office mate this afternoon who happened to be my neighboring townmate in our province. She is from Naga, one of the independent component city in Bicol Region that is about 30-45 minutes away from my town. Geographically, our towns were separated by a potentially active volcano Mt. Isarog. We have the same dialect and intonations too. What a small world!
My childhood memories started in a remote barrio, Brgy. Taytay Goa Camarines Sur, while she, grew in a city.
My family’s way of living was farming and our house was surrounded by ricefields. We were tenant of the hectares of land since 1996 if I’m not mistaken until now.Can you imagine the fresh air every morning when you step out of the house and right in front of you was a beautiful mountains shrouded in mists where Mt. Isarog stands? When I was in elementary, I would always wish that one day, I will go and explore what is behind that mountain….i heard, it’s a beautfiful city called Naga.
But how??
Everytime I hear that place, my enthusiasm to know what was in that city arose.
Fortunately, I was able to get to that place through school activity.
I involved myself in extracurricular activity, I joined Rondalla group and we competed interschool in Region 5 held at Naga.
So what was in that place?? Big houses, big stores, there’s were malls, a lot of vehicles and it was a crowded place.

When I went home, my dream of exploration did not stop in Naga.
Now that I have reached this place, my wish to go to another place did not stop there.
I believe I can still go the distance….in Manila.
But how??
Indeed! the universe did listen to my whisper. I was not only given the chance to go to that Manila but that amazing manila adopted me. I was afraid to try but I got scholarship throughout my high-school and college schooling. Where????……in Manila! A lot of things happened to me in this place.

After tasting the bitter-sweetness of Manila, I dreamed of going to a more distant place…..Abroad!
And again, the universe never failed me. So here I am! Enjoying the climb…enjoying the journey and continuously dreaming.
When we dream, we feel the excitement! We imagine that one day..I will be there, I will be like this or like that. What’s the next thing to do now is how we will achieve those dreams?
In my experience wasn’t it as if everything was planned? Probably yes and no.
It was 20 years plus in the making that requires more perseverance, determination and stronger faith.

Happy Dreaming!

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