Nothing is Permanent

Today is my last day on the department where I worked with for almost 7 months.
I will be transferred to another department for some reason that only management knows which I knew would bring me to another learning experience.

With a light heart, I’ll be leaving officemates and friends where I already built relationships.
Relationship that I embossed already in another page of my life.

I’ll surely miss my workplace, my table, my computer, comfort zone for a short period of time.
To tell you honestly, a gentle teardrops fall from my eyes when i received notification email from management department about my transfer of work. Mixed emotions came into my nerve!
For whatever reason??? Will try to figure it out.
Maybe I invested emotions already to my officemates.
Maybe I was just excited for another challenge.
Maybe I was worried that I’ll be adjusting myself to new surroundings.
Maybe I am just so proud that the management trusted me so much.
Despite all the worries, a sudden line puff up to my mind
“Why should I hire you?” a common question of employer to an applicant.
This is now my answer.
That i am versatile and hardworking. Very simple answer right?

As I assessed myself, I can proudly say that I didn’t see any negative reason why I’ll be transferred.
But whatever it is, I trust everything to God who provided me the opportunity to work in this company without any hesitation.

So…goodluck to me!

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