That Thing Called LOVE

Can you imagine life without Love??

Well, I myself cannot even define what LIFE is without it.

Let me share to you my personal insights on what that thing called LOVE is.

This is the very foundation of our faith., whatever religion we may have.
To love Him, have faith in Him, thank Him and trust in Him.
Feeling bombarded with problems? Feel His presence. Feel His love.
There may be circumstances in our life that are beyond our control. Don’t panic. He is there.
The fact that He allows us wake up each day is a sure proof of His control in everything and He knows what is best for us.

We cannot give love to others unless we fill our own love tank first.
How full is it? Half? Empty?
The way we wanted others to treat us is how we treated ourselves.
You wanted to be loved? then love yourself! Loving oneself doesn’t mean selfishness but rather selflessnes because we cannot radiate love if we don’t know how to love ourselves.
You wanted to hear compliments? then fix yourself! Always wear your precious smile.
Simply look at the mirror and say “oh!hello! I love myself!”
I’m doing that every morning, right after I woke up. Though it’s funny to find myself smiling for no reason, well it’s not pretty bad at all for it will make your day positive. I am sure of that!

Family and friends’ support plays a vital role in our journey, specially our family. They are our inspiration. It is a common answer to an overseas worker like me “this is for my family” when you ask them why work abroad? The ultimate dream of spending the rest of our life with our family motivated us to face whatever challenges may come our way. To be miles away apart from our love ones is not that easy. But for our love to them, we manage to stand still.
Friends may always come and go. So it is also important to build relationship with them and nurture it till their role in our life ends. Looking at my friends list on my facebook, I already have 2,156 friends as of writing this not counting yet those who don’t have internet access, who doesn’t even know how to open a computer and those whom I’ve already forgotten the names from childhood memories.

No matter how high the pile of your paper works on your table are, as long as you love your long as you love what you are doing… everything will be fine. After all, the very reason why we work is to sustain our physical needs to live. I was raised with a spirit of love for work. Wherever I go and whatever I do…I always put in mind that I am doing this for my God, for myself, and for my family.

Surround ourselves with love..because love moves in million ways..

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