When you feel like giving up

It’s a new month! It was a month ago since my last post. Month of June have been good to me. How fast time flies! As if it was just yesterday that I shared to you my experience on how to control your temper.

Actually, I’ve been into fitness program with the goal of having 50kilos on or before i reach my age of 30, and that’s 4 months way to go! Oh gosh! Need to do it double time! I started three months ago so let’s count back..it was April. Upon arriving here in Qatar,November last year I was 57kg or about 115lbs. I do the “after-wake-up morning 30 minute home-work out exercise with a combination of cardio and stretching. Imagine the feeling of laziness to move. It always feels so good to just go back to bed and take more time to sleep than having jumping jacks, stretchings and push ups routinely. That was my everyday challenge! Have to fight that feeling…. that laziness in mind because I know my body will follow it eventually.

Just like this morning. Actually yesterday I ate a lot! It was a cheat day for my eating habit. By the way I am practicing also the discipline of a healthy food intake which later on I’ll share to you. Back to what happened yesterday. I ate fried chicken, an ice cream, a pasta and even a fries! What a horrible foods to the healthy-food-conscious people over there! I just can’t resist it specially when a close friend of you offered it and did a drama of getting mad at you if you’ll not gonna join them. That was it! Befriending unhealthy foods and forgetting the diet. Well, let’s give those “sinful food” benefit of the doubt. Looking at it positively, our body needs protein so I did eat the chicken. Camaraderie was formed so I ate the ice cream and fries. Whoaaaa..see that???. While chewing those foods, i was already computing the calories that i had in my body which I need to burn-out today. So this is it!

Morning sickness attacked me a while ago! I was referring to the ” laziness-to-wake-up and do the morning routine exercise”. It was a feeling of giving up. As if there’s a small voice whispering why not just go back to bed and stop this drama of loosing weight??. But the goal to loose weight overpowered that feeling. So I still did the moves! I began the jumping jack even with a closed eyes just to wake myself up! Wasn’t it terrible??? If there’s a word “sleep-walk” can I call it ” sleep-jump” now? haha! Anyway, the point here is this.., when you feel like giving up, have a positive mindset and do whatever it takes to hit that goal!

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