Controlling your temper

Today is Monday and first day of the month of June.
Hello June!
Be good to me!
But how??
My own interpretation of how to be productive the whole day, the whole week or the whole month is that, I do
start my day with positive outlook in life, from the very morning I wake it first day of the week or
of the month.

Unfortunately, a certain friend tested my patience as early as this morning. But as saying goes,
don’t let negative people destruct your innermost feeling. Patience will be tested anywhere, anytime and
anyhow unguarded. You will be provoked to screw up when misunderstanding occurs without realizing who is in
the right stand or not. Both of you will clash! Each of us has been going through a lot of difficulties
everyday. Problems at home, nuisance in the office and even problem with one’s self. All of these factors affect our attitude in dealing with the people surrounding us. We sometimes tend to be insensitive and inconsiderate to other’s feelings. These are challenges that are inevitable. What matters most is that one should know how handle the situation calmly. Controlling your temper plays vital role in defiant situations.

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