” Selfie”

Selfie! ”
A new word which means “a photograph that one has taken of oneself”

In today’s new world of developing technology, a lot of things have been discovered instantly. I remember during my younger age..hmmm,,.around 1980’s?…well, I still consider myself young as of writing this hehe…:) I didn’t know such thing as cellphone with camera. I have an uncle who was a photographer (i guess until now) who was using the traditional style of developing pictures using films. In every occasions, gatherings or celebrations in our hometown, he was there. It would take around 3-5 days before the photos were developed and be delivered to your doorstep without any edition/filtration.

Nowadays, it is very easy for us to project and develop our own photos. As i looked at some of my “selfie” pictures in the social media, well the facebook in particular, i just realized that what we posted and what we projected was the reflection of what and how we wanted to be seen and appreciated. As much as possible, we want it to be pleasing to the eyes of world. We want to see ourselves how good we look, how pretty we smile and how charming we are in those projections. I think, the same through with what we aspire in life. We project our own dreams and we foresee the possible outcome that we wanted. We do take “selfie” by developing and creating our own success. We are the one who is responsible for taking photographs of our own destiny…..so, do more selfies! more projections of what we wants and aspirations in life!

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