Mother’s Day Remembrance

It’s been a while since my last post. Probably because there’s nothing much to share? well..i don’t know too.

Im sorry for writing again just by now. This past few months, i tried to study the art of letting go…

today, the world celebrates the Mother’s day. I too is a mother of 6 year old son.
From the moment I heard his very first cry, there was just an unexplainable feeling of joy, of amazement, of faith and of love.

Feeling of joy because of the bond that nobody can explain how I felt that moment….
I saw my child so fragile and pure.
Amazed, that I was able to bring this child in this world for I didn’t even know where i got that energy, to disregard the pain of labor and with all my might did the ” pushed”!.

They say that a woman cannot understand the meaning of motherhood until she became a mother.
A mother…whom we call “light of home” ” ilaw ng tahanan”
for if the light turns out, darkness will reign
A mother….
..decided to finally let go..
..of the past..
..of the pain..
…move forward..
For sometimes, burning bridges is not a bad thing. it prevents you from going back to a place you should never have been with..
be strong
Single mother??? who cares??
Been through a lot of pains..but standing still.
I’m a mother.

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