New Year..New Journey

” Life is a continuous journey,
we only live in this world once so
always move forward and make the best of it.”

That was the last line delivered by our mass presider this morning.
We, Catholics celebrate the Feast of Ephiphany or The Manisfestation of the Lord to the Three Kings today.
When I was a kid, I was so curious who were those three kings they were talking about.?? Well, literally speaking when we say ” kings”, let’s imagine they should be wearing expensive and fancy clothes, guarded by armies, and surrounded by servants.

Ironically, those 3 kings had nothing of those i mentioned. They persevered to travel and followed the star in which they believed will bring them to their destination…to the place where the Lord will be born and offer their presents. These three travelers left their comfort zone with uncertain tomorrow, but armored by the hope to see the baby, and trust in the star that leads their way…they were able to make their journey a success one.

As the old year go, and new year comes..i thank the people who’ve been my star in my past year’s journey.
I was so privileged to have them in every second i live. They may be the rocks on my road, the water when I was thirsty, the food when I was hungry and the love when I felt alone, i thank them all for being part of my energy that sustains my feet to keep moving forward……Wishing this new year be blessed, hopeful and serene!

Happy New year!

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