Keep moving towards your goals

Confucious said ” It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you don not stop” .

This week had been so fruitful and productive to me. Continued adjusting myself with the new job and new people around. I just didn’t know what to do with my spare time. So guess what I did? I decided to study french words!. its a self study through youtube and looking forward to buy some french book too. It’s pretty cool! Well, who knows someday I can be in some French speaking countries :)hehe. Let me give you some examples: Bonjour! Je’ m’apelle Syle. J’habite en Philipine! Comment Ca va? Audjourd’ hui? Ca va bien! (Hello! I’m Syle. I live in Philippines. How are you? Today, I’m fine.) I also started to devote myself to go into at least 30-minute routine exercise every after office hours. Health is wealth as they say! Those were simple goals yet it helped me a lot to realize how important it is to maximize every second that I have. Of course, I am guaranteed to lose if I quit. I never know what will happen if I just keep going.

moi pouvoir faire!
bonne nuit!

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