The power of universe

Tomorrow is my second day-off here in Qatar. Until now, I just can’t believe it myself that I am here. I dreamed of working abroad about 3 years ago, and this country was my option 2 if not in Singapore. To tell you honestly, in those 3 years, everytime I heard this place, I can’t avoid thinking, wishing and telling myself…one day..I will land in that country. And now, opportunity knocks. I did not plan it anyway. The power of the universe works. It uses people and circumstances to connect me to my destination. Many more occurrences happened to me surprisingly and unexpectedly just because of the power of the mind. I have this book entitled ” Secret. The Power” by Rhonda Byrne. It was a Christmas gift given to me by one of my mentor. This book will open your awareness on how the universe works in the power of your mind…and the secret of the power of love. Believe me, once you dream ….feel it, love it and imagine yourself that you are already in that situation..eventually, will just happen accordingly.

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