My 29th Birthday!!!!

Today marks my extraordinary 29th year of existence in this world. I thank the Lord my creator for allowing me witnessed the beauty of His creation. I praise Him for giving me extraordinary families and friends who brought me inspiration with my everyday struggles in this wonderful and crazy world. When we heard the word “birthday”, it sounds something like ” festive”, a “celebration”. When I tried to look back the very first time I began my memory, I think that was during my elementary schooling..preschooler??? My mother used to cook a simple boiled ” kamote”, as her simple present to me. Kamote is a rootcrop. How I wish I could go back to those simple life yet satisfying. What matters most is the love that you can see on your special day. Fast forward to present, it still bothered me to think what happened to me between those years that had passed?? as if it was just yesterday. Every year is something to look be accomplish whatever mission lies ahead. Well, this year is something new again…another battle…another struggle.

As i woke up this morning, i was showered by birthday greetings from friends, family and relatives. Those simple greetings and wishes motivated me to move forward despite the fact that was really doing my best to try to smile. Being away from family in a distant miles is really a big struggle. This day is just an ordinary day. I woke up, uttered simple thanksgiving prayer, got up from bed, sip a cup of coffee, took a bath then went to work. No one in the office knew my birthday anyway, so I didn’t bother to announce it anymore hehe. Together with 6 more colleagues, we went to Qatar Embassy for some document processing. This day seemed nothing spectacular. But still i am very thankful for another year that come to my life. It means, I still have mission to accomplish, more lives to be touched and more hope to look forward.

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