These past week, two friends invited me to join their respective religions..or should I say, their group? whatever we call it. Anyway, what I can say is that…I was born Catholic and I will die Catholic. No one can ever force me to change it. I knew some people who questioned their own faith when they were cornered by so much problems and questions in life and the tendency is to join other religion whom they feel can answer their longings, questions..etc. We cannot blame them though. We are just human tend to question everything or anything that exist and doesn’t exist. As the years go by, many different churches exist because a lot of “behaving like all-knowing people” were born. We have different interpretations of ” word of God” may be written in a bible, articles, books or being spread through teachings. But the thing is..I do respect other’s belief and faith, so must they to me. I hate to hear people battling or arguing on whom to believe..or who to be saved in time of judgement. For me, it is not a matter of religion. It’s how much we do good things, appreciate every blessings that we have, sharing it and living the day with a purpose.

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