Embracing Changes

I always believe that there is nothing constant in this world but change….. so always be prepare and do not be afraid to embrace it.

Let me share to you few things that an OFW has to undergo to adjust herself to some sudden changes.


In Philippines, I used to consume 45min to 1 hour travel from my residence to my workplace (still depending on the traffic status along the road), vice versa. I think my maximum time was 2 hours. Just imagine the stress it caused…you were so fresh in leaving home but when you reach the office, you looked haggard already. While here, I lived in an accommodation (6th floor of the building)…we call it ” flat”, while my office is just located at the 2nd floor, so no worry and no hurry for me to go to office.


They said that we were lucky to come here during this season. Winter here in middle east is coming.
I am a warm-blooded person as they say. I got cold easily. In the Philippines, we have 4 seasons but we experienced the ” summer” as the longest season. so, when I arrived here, I immediately get my jacket and warm myself.


This thing really is what I should have to adjust myself.
In Philippines, “officemates” were not only considered officemates but we treat each other as family too.
Here, work is work. To be honest, I am really a talkative and jolly person…well, maybe to others hehe.
I’m on my third day today now, and still I was adjusting myself to the ” deafening silence” in my workplace. No cellphone allowed and silence must be observed accordingly. Maybe it is because of the demand of the job, that only “peeing” was your break! We were given a 30-minute break to take our lunch, then after that..back to work everybody!


I am almost one-week here and I really missed my hang-out activities in the Philippines. I missed going to gym, going to market and jogging during week end. Here, we were required to report 6 days a week. Friday is the ” offday” of workers here in middle east. I am just lucky that I was able to bring my laptop so I had the chance to do blogging, checking emails and do social networking, thanks to modern technology. Homesickness will be lessen.


There’s no medicine that can cure the whole day exhaustion from work when you arrive home and you see the smiles, hugs and kisses of your love ones. Here, I go home alone, eat alone and sleep alone. I have roommates but their workload schedule are different from mine. When they arrived, I’m already asleep and when i leave in the morning, they were the ones who were still asleep.

Time Difference

Philippines is 5 hours ahead from Qatar. I used to wake up at 5am in the Philippines, so my eyes automatically opens around 12mid to 1am here, after that i found it hard now to return to sleep. The tendency was that, I felt sleepy during daytime. They said, that adjustment will take 2-3 weeks period. Hopefully!! hehe….so that these eyebags will be gone ever!

Those were just some of few observations I had since I arrived here. Over all, I should always remind myself about my goal of coming here. All those adjustments will go through eventually….

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