Upon arrival here in Doha, I was so amazed by the infrastructures along the way from the airport to our accommodation. As if I was in the ancient times. I should know more about the history of Qatar anyway. But for now, what I knew was that I should adjust myself to their climate, the local residents and time difference between Qatar and Philippines. Yesterday, Friday was my first day here. My body clock of waking up at 5am in the Philippines alarmed. Actually, i have two different time basis. My wrist watch was still set in Philippine time while my cellphone was set to local time. I woke up very early I think around 4am (qatar time). As if the night here was soooooo looong! Here, every friday is a holiday. So it is already in the mind of an OFW to take some outside activities. My brother fetched me together with my other 2 companions, Eden and Badette and drove us to their church where other OFW’s gathered. I can’t mention to your right now what was the name of the place because I found it difficult to remember the spelling of the name of their places, maybe some other time when I use to hear it. We were warmly welcomed there. Filipinos really have a very deep faith that nobody can explain how they worship that much. Will post more about their group later.

Anyway, this morning (Saturday) was our formal orientation regarding our job to be. While waiting for our driver to fetch us, I got the chance to chat with my inspiration to gain some positive energy. I used to do it every time I felt nervous or every time I felt weak. Aside from praying of course. Drawing energy from someone we love, be it family or friend gives us better outlook of life. So the driver came. It took around 15 minute travel from our accommodation to the main office of the company. I was interviewed shortly by the director of the company. He looked so kind and dear.

And tonight, while typing this..I am so excited to report to my newly assigned department tomorrow for my formal endorsement. I will be in the accounting department, billing clerk. Goodluck to me, to my new bosses, new officemates and new working environment.! May God touch our hearts so that we can work harmoniously.

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