Philippines to Qatar

“Take care there”
” Bye”
” Pray”
” Wishing your dream to come true”
” I love you”

Those where short statements but meant a lot to people who are going abroad to try greener pasture. I thanked my friends for the undying support, for believing in me and for loving me. During my last stay in the Philippines, I even went to work because I don’t want my time to be idle. I tried to preoccupy my mind and time so that I will not feel the loneliness of leaving. Anyway, two years for me I think is just a count of few sleeps.

My plane ticket was given to me few days before the departure so I still had time to prepare things to bring.
It was in Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, at around 5:55pm was the departure time with Emirates Airline. I have 4 more companions with me. So, while waiting for them, I was still busy calling friends and families..thanking them for all the support. To make the story short, we boarded the plain almost 6pm. In the plane, I met a man also an OFW bound for Africa. He shared short stories on what were his experiences being an OFW. We arrived at Dubai Airport around 11pm (dubai time) and 3am (Philippine time). I was really confused with the time difference. But eventually it was sinking now on my mind a little bit hehe.. While waiting for our connecting flight to Qatar, we roamed around and it was a very nice experience hearing Filipinos talking tagalogs almost all around you. As we passed by the perfume section, the salesladies were talking tagalog..even the ground attendants were Filipinos too. I felt like as if I was just in the Philippine Airport. I took some pics of my companions for remembrance.

Finally, our connecting plane arrived. We left Dubai airport around 7am (Dubai time) and reached Qatar Aiport around 9am. Now, this is it! Welcome to my new world. I am now certified OFW! We were fetched by the company’s representative from the airport and brought us in our accomodation. And the luxury of rest from a long travel began…..

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