Goodbye October!

G -oodbye doesn’t mean forever, as the song says.
O -nly time will tell when, where and how you’ll gonna see each other again
O -thers may remember you, others may forget you but
D -on’ t ever leave the memories that made you laugh and cry..
B -ecause those are remarkable picturesque that
Y -ou can look back when you
E -nter the new chapter of your journey called life…

The Grattitude Challenge continues…
1. Thank you Mr. Zuckerburg for creating this facebook that made me connected to thousands of friends. Thank you to my Sisters of Mary family. Your presence around the globe brings me more hope and courage not to be afraid to explore but rather embrace with faith in God the wish for us of our dear Fr. Al that we are not created to be like fat little duck waddling in the mud but to be an eagle destined to rise above. Thank you also to my Concordia family and friends.

2. There’s no enough word to express my heartfelt thanks to my tobacco control families, the Red Orchid, Smokefree and most specially to my FCAP Family. Working with you for all those years may not be that easy to let go but I will be forever grateful for becoming part of you. Special thanks to Dra. Maria, Di, Malou. You’ve been my fairy godmothers, my mentors, my friends, consultants and models. I may be hardheaded sometimes and fell many times but you were always there..cheered me up and bombarded me with words of wisdom. To Kaloi and Rommel, thank you so much for brotherly supports. I will surely miss the cooking and lecturing on TC. I prepared a simple video..for all that we’ve been through in tobacco control. Thanks Rhoderic for this. I thank you all for the love as I turn the next episode of my journey called life.
3. All praise and Glory to God who never fail to show His love in million ways…
Apology for drama ever talaga ang peg ng emoterang beauty…Talo pa ang pang valedictorian speech hehehe.
and to you Sam Juan, see you when I see you in the future ayiiiii!

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