Going out of comfort zone to find success

As i lay my back on bed last night, I felt the comfort of pillows, of blankets and of home. That was already my daily routine when I came home after whole day work. With that, I felt already secured. Many things entered my mind as I reminisced. As I assessed myself, where I am now and what is going to be for the days to come. I was suddenly frightened…I felt the fear…the fear to fail. I thought, I’ve been through a lot of and pains in the past and I don’t want to feel those again. Many unexplainable and unexpected circumstances already happened in my family, relationship and work. There were so many hurdles along the way that I can’t even count them right now.

I chose to be away from my family( parents and siblings) and tried to stand on my own to discover myself and follow my “believed” dream. Until I realized that I now have my “own” family to care for. Many challenges came but the “power of love”, fueled my desire to move on.

I am referring to “romantic relationship”here. I’ve been with somebody whom I shed all my energy, time and love. We’ve been through a lot of pains, joys and laughter too. Every time somebody would asked me if I am already sure with this man,..to be my forever partner in life, I can’t even answer them immediately. My heart and mind speak and explain differently. So what’s my answer?? “I don’t know” or “come what may”. He was my comfort zone anyway. So why look for somebody? A friend of mine once said “you can always fall in love with somebody, but bring your mind with you because loving without thinking is like a car with a blind driver…that might bring you to accident”. Ouch!!it make sense huh? Just to make it clear, I’m not interested anymore to go into another relationship. Well, not this time maybe. I’m not closing my door anyway but I need to prioritize dreams above emotional dealings.

Can I say I am happy with my current job? My honest answer is yes. I’ve been given all the opportunities that the universe can offer. I had a very considerate and passionate bosses, had traveled a lot, met new acquaintances and had learned to love and stand for principles. I was with this organization for almost 7 years and what I can say is that, this was already my comfort zone! So why go out??

Life is a continuous learning. According to what I’ve read, success is just outside your comfort zone.
12 Days more to be exact, I’m leaving my country to try greener pasture. Oh! I just noticed, as if I am counting for 12 days of Christmas haha! Anyway, this is a new battle for me. I may feel awkward and uncomfortable when I try this “something new experience”, I believe it will contribute a lot in my maturity and growth and one day, I can clearly define my own meaning of SUCCESS!

Let me share to you this cute application I discovered this morning. In courtesy of Facebook and slidely.
Make sure you have the speaker hehe in your computer to enjoy watching.

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