Utililizing the remaining days..

Last week, my agency reminded me to be ready because my visa will come anytime. Oh shit! my heart palpitated again! Was it for excitement feeling?? or was it for denial. Excitement maybe because of the new challenges, new people, new places, new encounters, new job, new boss and new currency?? Denial probably because i don’t want to believe myself that it will be so soon..anytime soon..anytime when i wake up the next day. I still have many things to do. I still need to finish my filing and endorsement work in the office, still have to assess myself and even still need to fix my emotional dealing,… many more errands to do.

October 2-3,2014 I was in Bataan for another talk on MPOWER for LGU’s. I was with my officemate Rommel Arriola, Civil Service Comission Atty, Jack Sarita and Rhoderic Domingo from the Department of Health. The event went well.

Anyway, after Bataan, I went directly to Cubao for the bicol travel. Thanks for the wifi installed for at least I’ve got the chance to check my facebook and email. My son celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday October 4. As a mother, I want to be with him on this very important date since i’ll be leaving soon.

I suddenly realized that i did not witnessed how he grew that fast. He can now talk straight. I remember the last time i saw and talked to him, he was still” bulol”. But look now, he can even make some stories to that caught me unprepared. He would ask some questions out of the blue…of anything under the sun that was not answerable by mr. google, webster and even the dictionary. Like this one…

RJ: Mama, matapang po ba ang ulan?
Ako: hmmmm (speechless)
RJ: Kasi ang lupa matapang, pinapatuyo niya ang sarili niya pag binabasa ni ulan…..
Ako: hmmmm (still speechless)
RJ: Di ba mama kakampi niya po ang araw?? kasi tinutulungan ni araw ang lupa…..
Ako: turo ba yun ni teacher sa school?
RJ: hindi po..naisip ko lang….

With those simple conversation, I got stunned. I don’t really know what to say. I was grasping for the right answer. Just imagine me, looking at him with a blank face haha! I was thankful to be with my child even for two days. We attended mass in town with my mother. Took some pictures that will surely leave a thousand words and memories. It maybe painful fact to be separated from him for longer time, I promised to do my best for him, for his future. Thank you to my parents who lovingly and patiently took care of my baby.

Will be returning back to Manila later.

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