PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar)

Yesterday, September 27, 2104 I had my PDOS at Faura. This orientation was required for an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker who are about to leave Philippines to try greener pasture in the other country. There were I think 10 of us who availed the orientation.  When our speaker asked us what is our purpose of working abroad, we had same answers and these were the following:

1. For the family
2. For building future
3. For personal challenge

Actually, when the agency handed me over this PDOS form referral, my heart beats so fast because what I knew about PDOS was that an applicant is ready to leave after finishing the said orientation. I suddenly had the feeling of backing out!Waaahhh! Anyway, i think that’s normal for the first timer like me. So still, I pushed through with it. The speaker introduced to us various cultures and the do’s and dont’s of the country we will be landing. By the way, most of us applicants are leaving for the Middle East, namely Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar and one for Singapore.

After the orientation, the speaker shared to us 3 things to bring.
1. ADJUST – we have to adjust ourselves with the culture, climate and even with the people whom we meet.
2. ADOPT – we should be adoptable for we will be experiencing various changes in surroundings, people and work.
3. LEARN- we should also aim to continue learning. if there are chances for career and self -improvement, then take to consider that opportunity.

Now, this is it! I don’t really know what will happen next and whatever lies ahead. But I entrust everything to God who has the control of all..of events, of surroundings, of everything, of people. I will just be waiting for my visa and plane ticket now….with that…I welcome myself for the new chapter of my journey called LIFE!

This is also a significant date because today, Catholics celebrate the Feast of St. Vincent De Paul. The founder of the Daughters of Charity where in, I was one of the beneficiary of it’s charitable and noble works during college days. I became Marillac Grantee. A scholarship program for poor and deserving students named after St. Louis de Marillac who was co-founder of St. Vincent de Paul. An image of humility and simplicity who dedicated himself to serving the poor.

Today also, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Mr. R.D for helping me out with my project. A “thank you” video presentation.

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