5 Days Gratitude Journal Challenge – Day 1 & 2

God gives His people the right to express and practice their freedom to live in accordance to what they want to be.
I am just grateful that I was involved by one of my brother in Christ to share in this 5 Days Gratitude Journal Challenge.
We may be thankful in many ways…some will say, it is better said than done…some would say it is better done than said 🙂 People have different principles in life but I chose to live the day expressing my gratefulness in every inch of my life!

I wholeheartedly accept Kotz Boss Junilo Pagobo Five Days Gratitude Challenge…
Let me begin this by saying…”grateful people may not have the best of everything, but they appreciate the best of everything they have”..

Gratitude Journal Day 1 of 5:

1. First, I’d like to thank the Lord for giving me another day to live and another chance to prove my purpose of existence in this world, for the free and fresh air (at least it is not “air-for rent”or “breathe with fee”…. else, I can’t afford to live anymore. . For the sweldo day

2. I am thankful that my families (immediate and extended) are in good health and safe despite the fury of typhoon Luis. For the safe travel from home to work this morning with my other half.

3. So thankful also to the friends who are always around to cheer me up and to those who keep on challenging me and testing my patience..??? thank you also….you can never knock me down

I nominate Marlette Laurenciana Eugene Bea Buates Jimenez and Codicio Dominga to list three positive, gratitude statements for five days in a row and nominate three friends a day. Let’s make this world a better place.

Gratitude Journal Challenge Day 2 of 5

For day 2 challenge, I would like to share to you what came out of my mind the moment I opened my eyes this morning. People and things may be gone, but there are always memories to be left behind…if only, you have a grateful heart..

1. I thank God our creator for creating my head composed of EYES – to see the time for me to wake up, EARS- to hear the noise outside, (while writing this, I can hear one of my favorite song being played on the radio -On This Day by David Pomeranz), NOSE- to smell the pandesal of neighboring bakery, MOUTH – to utter few words of morning prayer and BRAIN- to think of what to do next.

2. A gratitude of thanks also for having a HEART that beats 24/7 (24 hours/ 7 days a week), for the SHOULDER that tirelessly carries the yoke of everyday challenge, for the ARM that can lift 1 galoon of water to waterdispenser, a HAND that I can use for eating, cooking, washing of dishes, opening FB page and a FINGERS that can click ” like”.

3. A bunch of thanks also for having firm LEGS that is connected to my FEET that never give up and keep on moving forward….

I nominate Mary Grace Calimosa, Tina Legaspi and Melody Castro to list three positive, gratitude statements for five days in a row and nominate three friends a day. Let’s make this world a better place.

It’s my medical exam tomorrow…I am grateful for having Healthy Mind, Spirit and Body!

100 days before Christmas!

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