Red Ribboning of Documents at DFA

Last Monday, I submitted my Certificate of Employment, Birth Certificate and my NBI Clearance to DFA for Red Ribboning.
If you will be working abroad, you need your documents be ” red ribboned”/ authenticated by DFA. This applies to some countries but some don’t require it anymore.
From Kamuning, where our office is located, I left at around 8:00am to Cubao. Because there, I can have the option to take the MRT or bus ride. Mind you! When I reached Cubao…I saw this! Which would you dare to ride to reach your destination easily??

At my end, I chose to ride the MRT. It might take you few minutes to fall in line but though it moves will bring you surely to your destination in a short period of time. Traffic everywhere really made every passenger’s nerve sick!

From Cubao MRT-Station, I went down to Taft LRT-Station. Below the station, there were jeeps waiting in line going to DFA for a 10.00 fare.
Once you reached DFA,

1. Go directly to Gate No. 2 for paper assessment.
2. Proceed to information desk to fill out this form


3. Proceed to the Verification Lane
4. Payment to Cashier (100.00 per document for 4 days processing, 200.00 per document for 1 day processing)
5. Take the receipt with you for you will come back on the given date.

Last Monday was September 8, I returned today for pick up of document. On the pick up date:
1. Proceed to gate 2 for receipt verification
2. Proceed to Lane 4 and put in there your receipt

3. Sit down and wait for your name to be called.

4. Get your price and double check your documents.


That’s how it looks like! Its a document with the Red Ribbon in it!

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