Bataan Lecture

I woke up at 4am last Tuesday morning because it will take me 1 to 1/12 hours travel from Rizal to Genesis Bus terminal in Cubao.
It was raining heavily when I reached the terminal. I, together with one of my officemate Rommel Arriola and Atty. Aquino from Civil Service National Office departed at around 6:30am already. Time of travel from Manila to Bataan will usually take 3 hours or more depending on the traffic status.
Thanks to the power of wifi installed in the bus, I managed to check my Facebook account from time to time, though it was poor in signal.

So, what’s our purpose of going there?. We were invited to be Resource Speakers on the Smoke Free Policies in the Philippines through MPOWER with the representatives from government agencies and hospitals as the attendees. Actually, conducting lecture in front was not new to me. Since, I am already doing with my Accounting for Non-Accountants lectures. But this one is different. I am with this advocacy for almost 7 years. But only now that I’ll be talking what I walked for those years. I was tasked to give lecture on letters P and W of MPOWER. I’ll be talking about laws, policies and principles. A salute to the Bataan Governor Abet Garcia for actively participating and promoting health advocacies to his constituents.

What is this MPOWER? You might want to view this link

WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative focuses on helping countries, particularly those with low or middle incomes, to develop, implement and enforce the most effective tobacco control policies and programmes. To assist in country-level implementation of the WHO FCTC, WHO has introduced the MPOWER package of technical measures and resources, each of which reflects one or more of the demand reduction provisions of the WHO FCTC. MPOWER has been developed to help countries build their capacity to implement these provisions. The successful implementation of these measures will ultimately play a key role in reducing the cancer burden in these countries.

The components of the MPOWER package are as follows:
M – Monitor Tobacco Use
P – Protect people from Tobacco Smoke
O – Offer help to quit tobacco use
W- Warn against dangers of tobacco
E- Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
R- Raise taxes on tobacco

The whole day workshop went well. But I noticed that my voice began to sound husky already.
At first, I was so nervous. You know, that feeling during college days when I was doing reports in front of the class and my professor was there watching, scrutinizing and listening. Be ready for question and answer portion afterwards. But as I went on with my presentation, the nervousness calmed down. Thanks to the participation of the audience and in courtesy of my Officemate Mr. Arriola who answered all the questions pertaining to my lecture hehe.


Let me end this article by this message..that if you think you can make it, make it happen!
When I was asked to deliver the presentation, at first I was so hesitant. I even said. I Can’t do that! I might mispronounce words once I’m in front. The audience might laugh at me or I might deliver the message incorrectly. After all, I believed in myself. I believed in my own capacity and ability. Those apprehensions did not happened. I tried because I think I can make it…..and it did really happen!

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