Health is Wealth

It is indeed so true “health is Wealth”. I had a hard dry cough for almost two weeks now. I remember it all started when one day, after my whole day lecture I met along the way heavy rain. It was so hot that day as if sweat all over my body flow like a stream. To my mistake, I forgot to bring my favorite umbrella :). Actually, I really don’t like bringing umbrella when I am out. That explains it! Hehe.

Anyway, after getting down from the van, heavy rain fell! It’ still few blocks away from the terminal to our house. So, I have no choice but to run under the cold rain. When I woke up the following day, I was extremely stunned! I was absolutely voiceless! My throat was aching, seemed swelling! I was terrified! What I did was do self medication. I boiled ginger, gurgled it and I did not speak the whole day! Gosh, that was really penitential. It is not my nature not to speak even in a minute? How much more the whole day? That was really sick literally! Then one week had past, I recovered my voice but then dry cough occurred. That was the only time I consulted my generous boss. Thanks to Dra. Limpin for free check up and gave me this…

This antibiotic costs 39.00 each, to be taken 3 x a day for seven days. Help me compute. It was like this….. 39.00x 3 x 7 and that’s 819.00 pesos!
That is almost equivalent to 20 kilos of rice for 40.00/kilo…a very good quality of rice already! That is now the role of economics in defining the title of this article “health is wealth”.

Now, that Im done with the seven day antibiotic,i was given again another medicine, Solmux Broncho. I got well for now. But only a bit. Hope by the following days, it will be gone immediately.

When we talk about health, we are not only pertaining to how good we looked, but the capacity of our body to fight external causing diseases.
This is the very first sickness I got since 2014 entered. With God’s mercy, hope there will be no more sickness to come. I never thought this irritating cough will come. What I knew was that I am healthy. In fact, I have my Sunday morning routine in Quezon City Circle. My Zumba and jogging activity.

You see, I thought I am confident enough to say that ” I am healthy! I will not get sick!
But now, the aspect of self discipline comes in.
What we do to our body, reflects our care and negligence.

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