If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try

A passionate friend, accompanied me generously to open an account to COL Financial Philippines to invest on stocks somewhere at Ortigas this morning. Later on, I’ll give you updates on my COL Financial account.
Upon sitting in front of the account officer, we saw this message on her table. It caught our attention and I took a pic on it. Ask me why??? Probably it has something to do with my current status.

As you can see on my previous post. I was in the state of hesitations, second thoughts and apprehensions.
I did pray of course just like others who were trying to find answers for seem unanswerable questions. Some would ask me, why did you still choose to work abroad where in fact you have very good job here. To tell you honestly, every time I hear that question, I could not answer immediately because I didn’t really know what were the right words to say. Maybe by posting here, I can give you details why.

First, for personal reason, I want to maximize and explore my ability and capacity. It may sounds corny, but one of my wishlist for this year is to go out before I reach my 30th birthday. And now that I am 28, maybe it is the right time. When 2014 New year come, I did pray that if ever I couldn’t make it to enroll my graduate schooling ( I was aspiring for an MBA course) this year, my alternative course will be working abroad. I tried and took the GPAT at UP Diliman, unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I was not really prepared for the exam, unfortunately I failed. It really needs vigorous review.

Secondly, for economic reason. I just can’t explain why I didn’t have any savings for almost 7 years of being employed. Just to tell you, I am not a spendthrift. As much as I want to save, I really found it difficult to make ends meet.

Thirdly, for emotional reason. Most couple would encounter hardships in their relationships as they go along, as the years counting and as they continue discover their individual differences. I have no regret for whatever I had encounter with my current partner. I want to challenge myself how strong I am to be apart from him. To the point that, I told myself..if we are really meant for each other..then walking down the pretty aisle will be good.

Over all, it did really scares me to explore new chapter of my life but it might be a good thing to try! I’ll never know what lies ahead. I’ll never know what will be the consequence unless i tried!

3 thoughts on “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try

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  1. you will never know how deep the river is if you will not try to swim on it…waaahh! sariling version ata to… go! be strong and be humble when you get there….kung saan ka man patungo… Good luck!


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