Afraid to fly but have to face my fear

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you are willing to go an extra mile to get it?

While on jeep, mixed emotions and thoughts played on my mind yesterday. I got an email from the employer in Qatar confirming my application and in order to continue the process, I need to report to their affiliated agency here in the Philippines. I submitted my application last month through a friend. I didn’t take it seriously. I told myself that if it meant, then be it. If not, it’s ok anyway I still have job. Now this is it!

No more second thoughts. I should proceed! Anyway it’s one of my bucket list in my short term goal…to experience working abroad. Now, that God lays in front of me this opportunity….I should do my part! Go for extra mile!


Now, what am I afraid of?? I think…my lovelife?? my sexlife??? hehhee. Admittedly, I am too much attached to it! It became my strength and downfall too. Ask me how? Hmm…maybe it would take days, weeks and months to tell you the whole story from the very beginning up to this moment. But will find time to post a piece of my autobiography here some other time.

I love my current partner and the father of my son. Maybe I’m afraid of loosing him? A lot of my friends who work abroad and left their other half here in the Philippines got terrible emotional dealings. Of course, third party involve? Infidelity? Problems with the kids? and so on and so forth…Ehem, don’t judge me yet. Probably you’re gonna say…oh! Syle! you’re stupid! That’s bullshit! Your terrible! Where is your IQ? Wake up! Have you heard the song ” Love will keep us alive” sang by Eagles? Ironically, the song ” Too Much Love Will kill you” by Queen helps me realized that life is really a matter of choice. Love will always be there as long as it is pure and genuine.

With God on my side, back and front I believe I can make it! And I will do my best and I trust God Who has the control of everything. For He said…fear not!

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