Lecture on Accounting for Non-Accountants @ Negoeskwela

Last Saturday I had a lecture on Basic accounting for Non-Accountants. I was supposed to write this post last Sunday but due to unexpected soar throat, I was not able to. Anyway, my students were beneficiaries of OWWA Project. They were the repatriated OFW’s from Saudi. They returned home due to different reasons. But mostly, they were the escaped ones. I saw in their eyes the scar of their nightmares. One of them got raped by her employer, others were being beaten, and some of them were unpaid. Working abroad is really a risk. One should have the strong personality in order to survive the challenge of searching for a greener pasture.

I am currently a Resource Speaker to a TESDA Accredited Livelihood Training Center, the Negoeskwela located at Agham Road, North Avenue Quezon City. I am with this institution since February. It was really my desire to teach and share my knowledge. Luckily, I was given the privileged to do this now. I applied for this part time job for the purpose of redeeming my self confidence and discovering my passion to teach. That was the time were I felt bored working in an office, walled in the four corners. I even thought of accepting this job even if they’ll not going to pay me…will do it as volunteer work? But things went accordingly. God has His own plans for me. I got hired and now, I really enjoyed teaching. Last saturday’s group were my third batch students. The first batch were entrepreneurs already. The second and third batch were from OWWA beneficiary groups. Hoping and looking forward to have more groups to share my knowledge on accounting process, from analyzing transaction, to recording, up to preparing and interpreting financial reports.

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  1. I also want to teach accounting for non-accountants but I must admit I am not good in making lecture materials, I would appreciate much if you can share with me your materials. I am a CPA-Real Estate Broker and I want to conduct seminars for free. Rene Barcenas – 09228912257


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