Nice to be back home!

“My children, you are not created to be like little duck waddling in the mud, but to be an eagle destined to rise above” by Servant of God Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz who founded my second home The Sisters of Mary School Girlstown and Boystown.

Just last Sunday, I visited excitedly my home for almost four years during my secondary schooling. It was a birthday celebration for the children of the Sisters of Mary all over the world.  It was in Sta. Mesa Manila before but now transferred to Biga Silang Cavite. I left Manila at around 6 am in the morning and arrived in Silang at 7:45am good enough to be able to attend Holy mass at 8:30am. As I get out from the bus, I walked hurriedly with a very excited and lighted heart. Upon arrival at the gate, there were younger batch who facilitated the registering and welcoming of the alumni. I could see different faces, old, new and familiar faces. I entered the campus and walked directly towards Fr. Al’s tomb. Knelt down, prayed and talked to him in heart and mind sincerely and thankfully. First, I’ll give a little background on what The Sisters of Mary is all about.

This might be too small for you to see, you can visit


We attended Holy mass for the graduates. It was soooo solemn, that as we went along with the ceremony, goosebumps in me began to appear.  I closed my eyes and felt every word we uttered, and every song we sang.  When we sang the final song “hymn to Mary”, I could no longer held my tears from falling.  Those were the unexplainable moment for me.  I couldn’t totally share to you how much joy I felt inside! I felt refreshed.  I was reconciled. I felt secured.

After the mass, we went to the other campus The Boystown.  There, we sponsored games for second year students.  Happiness and innocence in their faces are unimaginable. With the simple candies as price for the wins, was heaven like to them. I can see myself in them during the time I was like them.  So innocent, fragile, holy and  carefree.  20120102_01494320120102_00232420120102_00270620120101_211847

It may be too much to ask, but I do  hope one day, I can be one of the benefactor of this institution who groomed and molded me holistically.

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