Cousin’s wake

Admittedly, as I write this, a light headed feeling made my eyes about to close. Last night, i attended my cousin’s wake. He died of complications from being diabetic to lack of proper nutrition till his body and immune system collapsed. He is 30 years old. Shall we say a very responsible son to his parents, my aunt and uncle, and protective brother to his 2 siblings (two girls). He is my first cousin whom I teased with during our childhood. He is just one year older than me. As i stared at him inside the coffin, childhood memories flashed back. I remember during Christmas eve and Christmas day, we would go to neighborhoods for caroling or simply just knocked at their gates and shouted “mamaSko po!”. This Kuyacousin would force us, me together with other cousins to move forward and to make our shout louder. And because he was our oldest kuya, we can do nothing but just obey him. He has a husky voice with the mole on his upper left side of lips. We used to call him Kuya Bornok. How short life is! He had spent only half of the retiring age of his life. Wednesday night when another cousin texted me about what happened to him. I was awakened by the heavy rain outside at around 1am which was already thursday. I checked my phone and there, I’ve read the sadnews., a text message sent to me around 11:30pm. From that time on, I could not sleep anymore till morning sun came. After office hour, i decided to go and visit his wake right then. I wanted to spare some time with him. Some of my cousins were crying. A few tears also dropped from my eyes. A tears of mixed emotions. Happy because we were reunited, sad because of what had happened. There’s this pain inside when someome we dearly love left us on earth unguarded. It is a fact that we are all temporary creatures of this world. Thats why it is but a need to spend our every second of existence in this world with people we unconditionaly and dearly love.

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